Father’s Day Dining:)

Father’s Day Dining:)

So as we all now, today was Father’s Day. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to cook for my father, or my step-father, but I did promise them a day of culinary pampering (as soon as they give me a date so we don’t have to worry about work and the such). But we did have my step-father’s parents come down for a Father’s Day dinner. My Step-Father bought some tofurkey (Turkey flavored Tofu because his mother, we call her Freddie, is a vegan, if you were wondering :)   ) and marinated in a delicious dressing called Speedie Sauce (I believe you can buy it at any normal store), he also got some vegetables, like onions, pepper, and asparagus, and some burger, and a bunch of sides like macaroni salad, potato salad, and a rotini, tomato, and cucumber salad. My Dad grilled most of the stuff (he wrapped the onions in aluminum foil after he coated them in olive oil, and marinaded the asparagus in olive oil, oregano, and garlic and put that in a baking dish to cook, and also the pineapple slices YUM!!!). The pictures below are three different plates: one is mine,the center one is Freddie’s vegan plate, and the other one is my step-father’s father’s, Charles, plate. The dinner was delicious and then we had apple pie (not pictured, sorry) and  ice cream. It was a lovely dinner with lovely people!


I am so lucky for not one, but TWO great fathers!

And a Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers and Single parents who do double duty!

Hope you come have dinner with me again soon!




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  1. It was truly an awesome day. With awesome people. Can’t wait to see what gets made for us.

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