Canal Side Inn: Little Falls, New York

Canal Side Inn: Little Falls, New York


So tonight my father,Wayne, step-father,Stephen, and our best friend, Alison, went to a cute, little restaurant called the Canal Side Inn in Little Falls, New York. It is located right next to the Stone Mill (which is another cute little place to stop by and visit). The decor was very nice: paintings on the walls, dim lighting, and nice dishware. The service was great: our waitress was very patient (because a lot of the specials were in French so we asked a lot of questions), very kind, and friendly. Our food that we ordered was delicious. I have a couple pictures on here of what I ordered ( In order: A salad with apricots, strawberries, mandarin oranges, shaved almonds, grapes on top of salad greens with honey mustard dressing and goat cheese, a shank of lamb braised with beans and duck slices, and then a coconut creme brulee). The atmosphere was very relaxed, yet sophisticated. Overall, my opinion is that it is a great place to go to for a nice, romantic dinner with your special one, or for a nice night-out with some of your best friends.

I hope you come back to have dinner with me again!




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  1. Looks and sounds really nice – the meal and this post

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