7/25/13: Sushi night

Hello diners!

Again sorry for late blogs!


20130803-090014.jpgSo last Thursday, the dads and me decided to go to our favorite sushi place, Mitsuba.







The decor of the restaurant was absolutely beautiful.20130803-090032.jpg


                                          There was dim lighting,20130803-090107.jpg

20130803-090039.jpg       walls that had pottery of different shape,size, and color, the hibachi bar was wide open to the public and the colors were nice and warm. The food complimented the decor excellently by showing brighter colors, light flavors, but still keeping the slight warmth of the room intact.

20130803-090306.jpgI ordered there Kani salad, a lovely creamy salad that has crabmeat, cucumber, avocado, and  flying fish roe  mixed with a spicy japanese mayo.


My step-dad ordered a avocado salad, a lovely mixture of greens with the rich and creamy avocado slices on top.

028My dad ordered their calamari (squid) that was panko-crusted and fried to perfection


For our main dishes, I ordered a sushi sampler (5 pieces of sushi, I had yellowtail, tuna, salmon, tilapia, and shrimp) and a volcano roll ( spicy tuna, mixed with their spicy mayo, rice, seaweed, then fried to crispy, and served with some of the mayo on top and wasabi and ginger on the side.


My dad ordered a roll (crab meat, rice, seaweed, green apple compote). When he ordered it, I was a little freaked out by the combination. However, when I tried one, I realized i was completely mistaken, The sweetness from the crab was complimented by the slight sourness of the green apple to provide your tastes buds with a full party.





My step-dad ordered a roll that contained tuna and rice with a japanese mayo and eel sauce.


This was a great day and I enjoyed spending time with them.

Have dinner with me again!
-Zach :-)