7/22/13: Our Asian Cuisine Dinner

Hello Diners!

047A few days ago, I promised the dads that I would make a version of Chicken Stir-Fry using panko bread crumbs on the chicken.  So when we went to the store the previous day to get stuff to grill, I got everything I needed to make this meal. I stayed home from work that day so that the dads would come home to finished dinner. I started with the vegetables, sauteing them in some sesame oil, starting with the sugar snap peas, then adding the carrots, then the bell peppers to ensure they all cook evenly. While that was cooking, I brought the water to a boil for the egg noodles. I salted the water before and after the noodles went in to help them not stick to each other. As the noodles went in, I breaded the chicken and started pan-frying them.  It got a little crazy when everything was to be taken off the heat around the same time, but I found a solution. I drained the pasta and mixed in the vegetables, then I added my sauce that I made earlier in the day that consisted of soy sauce , ground ginger, and orange zest. I timed it all perfectly, because as the last batch of chicken was finishing cooking, the dads arrived home from work. We decided to eat this asian-themed dish with chopsticks and they complimented their dishes with a glass of raspberry wine ( the colors worked great with it). To see if the flavors matched, I had a little sip of the wine and then tried my dish. The sweetness of the wine complemented the salty flavors of the soy sauce and the sweet, crispness of the vegetables. I would call this dish a success and I would definitely make this again soon!



Dine with me again!

Zachary :)