7/21/13: Another Grill Day!!!!

Hello Diners!

043Today was a grilling kind of day again! So my Step-dad told  me to think of some stuff to have for dinner and then we will go get it. So I was sitting there,thinking, and that’s when it hit me: let’s have a pork loin, some potatoes, pineapple, and corn (my step-dad suggested that). So we went to the store, picked up everything, and went back home. Since it was still early, the dads decided to go for a walk while I get everything ready. I boiled/mashed the potatoes, cut the pineapple (because we bought a whole, fresh one to grill), and coated the corn and broccoli (my step-dad can’t eat corn) in a compound butter containing garlic greens, thyme, and chives. When my dads got home, I asked Dad if he could grill the stuff up, and then they took their showers and we ate dinner. The flavors of the pork were amazing (we bought it pre-marinated because we didn’t have that much time for it to absorb the marinade flavors), and they mixed beautifully with the sweetness of the pineapple and corn, and the butteriness of the mashed potatoes. It was a delicious match and I am glad that we all had a part in the process. Cooking, to me, is a great bonding activity because each person is a responsible for a part of something that turns out delicious and amazing.


Dine with me again!

Zachary :)