7/20/13: Alpine Restaurant

Hello Diners,


So even after all that adventure and fun at the renaissance festival, the dads decided that we should go visit my grandpa and grandma since we were close to the area. So, they called them and planned a dinner at a restaurant called Alpine.When we arrived to my grandparents’ house, we sat, talked for awhile, and relaxed then we all went to the Alpine restaurant for dinner.This place was a strong country feel to it, especially with the decor and atmosphere of the staff and food.



When I sat down, my dads told me that I should order their Jack Daniels Delmonico, so I did. Every entrée comes with an All-You-Can-Eat salad/soup bar, so we all got up and got some salad and soup. They had a turkey and noodle soup then a southwest steak soup, along with bread and crackers. Their salad bar contained the normal salad mix, along with macaroni salad, chocolate pudding and some other salads and vegetables.

041When our meals came out, I was not expecting a giant piece of steak sitting in front of me with great grill marks and a nice, sweet, peppery sauce to accompany it. My steak was grilled to perfection, medium rare and tender. The sauce brought  out the sweetness of the steak while adding a little of pepperiness to it. By the time I finished, I did not want to move, let alone get in a car and ride for an hour and a half back to our house

It was a delicious meal and I am so glad I got to see my grandparents again!!

Dine with me again!

Zachary :)