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7/26/2013: Yetty’s Pizzeria

7/26/2013: Yetty’s Pizzeria

Hello Diners!


Last Friday, the dads and me wanted some good old italian cooking. That’s when the dads remembered Yetty’s Pizzeria. Looking at the outside, it looks like a cute little “ma and pa” place that would be selling trinkets and antiques. However, on the inside, the complete opposite. The interior is a nice little pub/cafe with the respectable decor.


The food there is italian/cafe/pub/bar food. When I say this, I mean that there are all classic italian dishes, pub dishes, cafe dishes, and bar dishes. We decided to stick to classic Italian food.

042I ordered a grilled chicken and sun-dried tomato alfredo. The sauce was perfectly mixed and crafted with mozzarella, parmesan, and another cheese that I could not seem to tell what it is. It was a little salty, creamy and stuck to every inch of pasta and chicken there was. The tomato added a nice bite to the whole dish as well as added that change in flavor that lets you continue eating it without getting bored.

046My dad decided to go for a nice fish fry. The halibut was breaded and fried great and was served with some fries. The fish was nice and flaky, but still held up to the fork. The fries were crunchy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside. The flavors complimented each other very well.

044My step-dad ordered a classic Italian dish: Spaghetti and meatballs. The sauce had a beautiful color and smelled delicious. My step-dad said that the spaghetti were cooked just right and that the meatballs did not overpower the flavor of the sauce.


This place was very comfortable and very lively. A must if you want a nice place to eat with friends and just have fun!

See you at dinner again!

-Zach :-)

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7/24/2013: Breakfast for Dinner!?

7/24/2013: Breakfast for Dinner!?

Hello Diners!

Sorry for the little break, been busy spending time with the dads and finalizing some plans for the rest of my summer, but I’M BACK!!


So, last Wednesday, the dads and me decided to switch it up and have breakfast for dinner! I stayed home from work so that everything would be ready when they came home.


My dad ordered Egg-In-A-Hole (cut a hole in bread, crack a egg in the whole, cook it all together), and some of the greens that he had in the fridge.With the egg in a hole, I used some French Peasant Bread (you find it everywhere here in New York), and a normal egg and toasted it on a skillet with a little margarine to brown it.


002My step-dad ordered some pumpkin spice pancakes, and I decided to make an extra stack of pancakes for myself. I put cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, and all-spice into the pancake mix then cooked them on a skillet like normal.



When serving it, I used a little pumpkin butter on my pancakes while Stephen used margarine. The pancakes were so fluffy and moist and the pumpkin brought out the spice of the pancakes nicely. The dads said that there meals were equally delicious and were appreciative that I cooked for them.

I love cooking for others, because it means that I get to share my passion with the people I love and that brings tremendous joy!

Dine with me again!



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